About Us


We are a development and management consultancy firm engaged in the provision of strategic consultancy services designed to help private and government clients and businesses of all sizes primarily in Ghana and other emerging markets. Headquartered in Tamale, in the Northern region of Ghana, the Green Oasis Ghana Limited conducts research and analysis and develops policy initiatives that look into the future and anticipate change and provide trusted, timely and actionable intelligence to businesses across the breath and width of Ghana.

We collaborate with clients in all sectors and regions to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses. Our customized approach combines deep insights into the dynamics of companies and markets with close collaboration at all levels of the client organization.

We support the development of small businesses and entrepreneurship, innovation development and assist non-profit organizations in organizational development, governance, strategy and program planning, evaluation, technology and Board-CEO relations. Our services span everything from banking and finance, intelligence and analysis, publishing, trade and investments to environmental issues and renewable energy and beyond. We also offer business development and operational support for growth companies expanding outside of their domestic markets and large companies willing to boost their innovations culture and ecosystem. We also work with countries as they develop proposals for change then help in their implementation. We operate Government-wide and deal at the highest levels.

We utilize a three-step systematic approach to working with clients wanting to expand their business either nationally or internationally: Engage, Accelerate, and Grow.

In the Engage Phase, we host our clients in their territory of interest and introduce them to potential customers, partners, and investors via strategic industry networking events and one-on-one meetings.

In the Accelerate phase, we work with our clients to gain in-depth knowledge of the market in the target territory and develop a go-to-market plan including positioning and sales strategy. We then help them execute on their go-to-market plan including customer acquisition, strategic partner development, sales channels development, marketing support, and other activities to realize the revenue potential of the target country.

In the Grow phase, we help our clients position themselves for both funding and liquidity events, and act as an advisor in the financial transactions.

We offer training and advisory services to promote financial inclusion, financial education and literacy, as well as technical and strategic support and management services in the Islamic financial markets from banking, microfinance, investment funds, and capital markets to project finance. We also convene summits, round-tables, investment conferences with high-level participants from business, government, and academia for a rich dialogue and networking on innovations. Our formats allow panellists and presenters to address economic challenges through thematic discussions, keynote talks, and presentations of innovative growth companies dedicated to finding solutions. In addition, qualified one-on-one meetings and structured networking facilitate meaningful private discussions and negotiations.

Our Strategic relationship with top international consulting firms and AAA rated financial institutions like the Islamic Development Bank, Credit Insurance Corporations, Issuing Houses and Development Agencies enable us to effectively facilitate investment in green projects and companies in various sectors that are committed to driving positive social change at both national and global scale. Our funding solutions support complements early-stage investors by focusing on business development and international expansion.

Our team includes specialists and advisors who have a rich array of experience as successful accountants, agricultural economists, bank executives, IT specialists, management consultants, microfinance and small enterprise finance experts, monitoring and evaluation specialists, lawyers and poverty alleviation specialists, as well as project managers.