How we Work


With many years of combined experience, Green Oasis Ghana Limited Smart Projects Limited delivers strategic research and analysis services across industries and has worked on projects supporting decision – makers in a number of fields and areas.

You too should consider using Green Oasis Ghana Limited Smart Projects Limited if…

 You are repositioning your business and want to identify new market opportunities, even overseas.

We help you identify new markets by compiling a target profile that includes market size, projected growth rates, competitive landscape overview and profitability assessment of selected sectors.

 You are searching for potential direct investment opportunities or acquisition candidates.

Based on time-tested research methodologies, we will provide you with a short list of potential acquisition candidates matching your selection criteria.

 You are gathering business intelligence to launch a new sales campaign.

Using a direct interview approach, we objectively assess the key sales arguments of your leading competitors, the characteristics of their offerings and their sales organization.

 You are benchmarking the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

Using information gathered through primary research, our analysts help you assess the financial state, cost structure, manufacturing capabilities and other vital traits of your competitors – both public and private. 

You are tracking emerging technologies and assessing their impact on your markets.

Green Oasis Ghana Limited Smart Projects Limited includes technical experts across key industries that can provide unpublished information on emerging technologies that are critical to your organization’s strategic growth paths. Our global network of key opinion leaders validates the results.

You are evaluating the effectiveness of your internal business intelligence capabilities.

Using a proven diagnostic process we help you assess the effectiveness of your current intelligence capabilities. We identify skill, resource and technology gaps and give recommendations to improve all functions including collection, analysis and reporting.

You are creating or expanding your corporate intelligence function and are looking for external support.

Green Oasis Ghana Limited Smart Projects Limited is the only full service corporate intelligence consultancy ready to provide total decision support. We can provide collection and analysis services, create executive-ready deliverables and back it all with award-winning technology.

You are setting up an internal market intelligence function.

We can help you implement an effective in-house market intelligence function that is capable of quickly and effectively tracking, analyzing and reporting critical market intelligence information to support tactical and strategic decisions throughout your organization.

You need to convert a large number of hard copy documents into actionable intelligence.

We can help you prepare, scan, and index large volumes of hard copy data into a searchable, relational database. Our web developers will design and implement an intuitive interface that gives users 24×7 access via the web.

You want to improve your existing business intelligence infrastructure.

With our combined experience we are uniquely positioned to help you identify, select and integrate targeted technologies to improve your existing market intelligence system.

Intelligence Solutions

We are committed to providing best-of-breed technology and high quality products and services that benefit our customers and those of our partners. This commitment has fueled the success in establishing licensing partnership with software developers and vendors, both large and small, in the information management and analysis markets. Our Strategic partnership with Comintelli, a leading provider of Enterprise Information Access Software, has helped us provide our clients with the award winning software, Knowledge Xchanger, that enables them to capture, filter, search, analyze, deliver and share unstructured information in a controlled way. This includes Word documents, e-mail, web pages, presentations, contacts, PDF files and customer notes coming in from many different sources, originating both inside and outside of their organizations. Our solutions enable customers to improve Time to Knowledge and make more confident decisions.

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