A Call To Action


The time has come for small businesses of every type in Ghana to have an effective online presence. According to recent data from the Internet World Statistics (December 2017, www.internetworldstats.com) there are an estimated 10,110,000 million people in Ghana who are online – representing a modest population penetration of 34.3 %, and 4,900,000 registered Facebook users. This places Ghana in the 12th position for internet usage within Africa. Although detailed figures for small business online presence are not available an estimated 30% of small businesses with five employees in Ghana have a publicly accessible website, and less than a quarter sell online. The websites of the few that are online are nothing but dynamic and can be best be described as brochure sites with very little done to actively market them online, thus  making it difficult for potential clients and customers to find them on search engines like Google, etc.

But the reality is that the internet for business of every type and size is no longer an option. Since the year 2000 the internet has become an essential way to reach customers, gain valuable insights, and grow business brands, and when utilised correctly, can boost brand awareness, drive sales and create growth and new opportunities. Infact, people no longer “go” online, they live online. More than ever, it is important for businesses to show up in the critical moments when potential customers search for answers, products, and services they need.